The Integratron


Enjoy a Sound Bath

The Integratron offers a fantastic addition to your relaxing stay at the Aqua Soleil Hotel and Mineral Water Spa. It’s only forty-minutes from the hotel and well worth the drive, even at today’s gas prices.
This U.F.O. Looking dome was built in the early 1950s. It’s one of the most acoustically sound structures in the world, made of wood using no nails. The wild stories about George Van Tassel, the man who built this machine, and what he built it to do, are pretty incredible to say the least. Ol’ George claimed he got the blueprints from space aliens from Venus. Did I mention he was a controversial U.F.O. advocate?
Before you go thinking he was some kind of nut, you should know he was an aeronautical engineer for Lockheed Douglas and worked with Hughes Aircraft Company as well. In 1978 George died mysteriously and all of his work vanished before they could turn the thing on. Yes, it was supposed to turn on! Van Tassel said it could be used for time travel and as an anti-gravity Machine, but most of all a “Rejuvenation station.” And that’s what they use it for today.
If you haven’t heard, sound baths are the latest form of relaxation therapy to hit some of the spas in the Coachella Valley. It’s actually an ancient form of Chakra meditation. Inside the acoustically sound Integratron dome, they play a series of “quartz crystal singing bowls” and the feeling is absolutely indescribable. Sixty minutes of pure aural bliss. At one point, it sounded like a U.F.O was landing. For twenty bucks, I was rejuvenated. I highly recommend it. Make sure to talk to the crew. They love to talk about the legends surrounding this highly magnetic spot on the Earth and the mysteries of Van Tassel’s creation.

Under the floor of the dome.
Under the dome floor.

Looking up at the very top-center of Integratron dome.
Looking up at the very top-center of the Integratron dome.

While you’re there, take the dirt trail to Giant Rock and Quartz Mountain. I made it in my little clown car, but for ten bucks they will drive you there and tell you more crazy stories and history.
For more information go to If you would like directions printed out for you, please see one of our friendly front desk agents.
The Integratron
2477 Belfield Boulevard
Landers, California

Article and Pictures by Mike Bennett

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  1. Great article about the Integratron (try to say that after some beers). I totally want to go the next time I’m in town and see what the hell this is and how it feels. Yay! sounds fun and mood altering (beautiful photos)

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